FAQs: Monthly Subscriptions

1. What happens to my old credits/quota?

These are no longer valid, but we've made sure to give you a free subscription that will give you longer usage of the site than you would previously have had.


2. Why do I need to give my card details again?

This is so our payment system knows you're a legitimate person. You will not be charged for the duration of your free period, and you may cancel at any time.


3. What does the Subscription package give me?

Full details about each subscription package can be found HERE.

In short, each tier (bronze / silver / gold) gives you a different number of credits, which you can use to purchase company or director reports.

All company documents, including accounts and annual returns, are FREE for our subscribers.


4. Why have you changed the subscriptions?

Ultimately we want to give you greater flexibility - if you need to drop down to a lower tier for a few months, and then back up again later on, you now can. It's as simple as that.


5. Why is it still trying to charge me?

We're aware that there are a couple of issues with the checkout process, as it looks like it's still going to make you pay, but we can assure you that you will not be charged once you have entered your code.

Once you have signed up to a subscription, you will pay only with 'credits'. 


6. When will I have to pay?

Depending on the length of your free period, you will not be charged until that period comes to an end.


7. What next for UKData?

We've got a ton of ideas for the site - all aimed at making your experience better. For example, you can now visit the site on your mobile !

If you have particular things that you would like to see changed or added, then please email us HERE.


8. Any more questions?

Give us a call on 0800 033 7472 or email us HERE.

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