Account Types

What discounts are available?

Although our standard service is pay as you go, you can also credit your account and we'll give us bonus credit, or for larger discounts please visit our Discount Packages page.

How do I credit my account?

Simply go to your account area, select Account Balance and click the link to credit your account. Enter the amount of credit you wish to purchase, then click "Buy Credit" it will be added to your basket, simply checkout to purchase. There is a minimum spend of £100. For every £100 you purchase, you will receive an additional £10 free.

Our company does not authorise credit card use, how else can we credit our account?

Choose one of our packages and we will invoice you. You can settle the invoice by any one of our payment methods.

Can I get a discount for International Searches?

If you are ordering a number of international reports, we may be able to arrange a discount depending on volume. Please contact us for discounted rates on international reports.

Currently International Reports are not included in our discount packages. However, we will be adding Netherlands, Belgium and France followed by many other European countries very soon.

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