Protect your Company from being Hijacked


In October 2009 Companies House introduced the The Registrar’s Protected Online Filing scheme - PROOF. The scheme protects company owners from unauthorised changes to their company details. The company agrees that they will only file certain documents electronically. If a fraudster tries to hijack their company by filing a piece of paper, such as change of director or address this will be rejected.
To join the PROOF scheme, you will first need to be registered for the Companies House WebFiling Service. The forms covered by the PROOF scheme are:

  • Appointments
  • Terminations
  • Change of Particulars (Company Officers)
  • Change of Registered Office Address
  • Annual Return

The Companies House Web Filing Service

WebFiling is a safe and reliable way to file your company information online. Most documents are free to file and the service is available to submit data 24 hours 7 days a week. WebFiling forms include:

  • Annual Return (AR01)
  • Return of Allotments of Shares (SH01)
  • Change of Accounting Reference Date (AA01)
  • Change of registered office address (AD01)
  • Appointment of corporate director (AP02)
  • Appointment of secretary (AP03)
  • Appointment of corporate secretary (AP04)
  • Appointment of director (AP01)
  • Change of director´s details (CH01)
  • Change of corporate director´s details (CH02)
  • Change of secretary´s details (CH03)
  • Change of corporate secretary´s details (CH04)
  • Termination of appointment of director (TM01)
  • Termination of appointment of secretary (TM02)
  • Change of location of company records to the registered office (SAIL) (AD04)
  • Notification of location of company records to the single alternative inspection location (SAIL) (AD03)
  • Notification of single alternative inspection location (SAIL) (AD02)
  • Audit Exempt Abbreviated Accounts
  • Dormant Company Accounts (DCA)
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