The Companies Act 2006 - Company Names Q&A

Q. On similarity of names, what if the company is part of a group?

A. The proposal is that where there is a suggested link between two companies such as by the use of GB or UK (where either of these words is the only difference in the company name) the incorporation application is rejected unless it is accompanied by written consent from the company already on the index confirming that the applicant company is, or will be, in the same group of companies and that they give their agreement to the proposed name being taken.

Q. In the new Act would the exemption under the 1985 Act from using �limited� in the company name and from requirements in relation to publication of the company name still apply?

A. Companies that are exempt from using the word limited in their company name under section 30 of the Companies Act 1985, are still exempt from the requirements relating to the publication of its company name under the new Act. The majority of the Companies Act 2006 does not come into force until 1st October 2009, including sections 60 and 62.

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