Our Latest Credit Scoring Model

Improved Company Credit Reports

ukdata.com has always been determined to supply you with the most accurate credit reports available. On August 28th 2014 we introduced our latest credit reports delivering the most predictive score models in the Industry.

Why have your ratings changed?

We want to ensure that our scoring model provides the best possible business intelligence, to further protect against the threat of bad debt. The new model has been developed in response to the increasing amount of business information available to us (payment data for example).

What has changed?

The algorithm used to calculate credit ratings within our reports has always been updated on a quarterly basis, taking into account statistical analysis carried out across companies that have become insolvent within the previous period. This latest update includes amendments to the algorithm itself and includes new factors and risk weightings that reflect the levels of information available to us.

How does this affect the companies I watch?

Many credit limits and ratings have been adjusted in line with the new algorithm. Full details of the analysis can be found on Understanding the Risk Score and Credit Limit.

The variables included in the model and and the weightings of each variable has changed. By looking at more recent information such as directors information (number, age, past performance & continuity), CCJ´s, Group influence, Mortgage Information, Payment experiences, Financial Information and insolvencies in the industry sector, we can make better informed decisions.

What if my existing customers score or limit decreases?

If you have based decisions on the old ukdata.com rating and are now enjoying a healthy relationship with a company based on this, the new rating does not undermine this. However, the credit crunch will require you to be more cautious about the companies you choose to do business with and the payment terms that you set. Our model enables you to make informed business decisions; it is up to individual companies how they choose to act on the data supplied.

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