How to Find a Company Telephone Number

We have telephone numbers for over 500,000 active businesses in the UK. If you cannot see a telephone number on the company page on our website, it means that we do not have it.

Try using the Google search box below to search the web for telephone numbers.

Looking for a phone number? Try searching google

If you cannot find the telephone number on the web, we suggest writing to the company at their registered office address, which you can obtain free from our website by searching for the company.

Why can't I find a company telephone number?

UK Limited companies are not required to provide a telephone number when registering at Companies House. The telephone numbers provided on are provided by a third party supplier or the company itself. Possible reasons for the absence of a phone number include:

  • There is no telephone number held in a public directory.
  • The company has registered with the telephone preference service (TPS).
  • The company does not have a telephone.

What company information can provide?

EU & UK Data Ltd specialises in UK and International Company Information. We offer free basic information on all UK companies, Director Reports and comprehensive Credit Reports on companies registered in the UK and Worldwide. We also offer a full filing history for all UK companies including Accounts and various company documents from registries around the world. Search for a company now.

Can I update a company's details?

Only company owners can update a listing. If you wish to update your company details, please use our Update a Listing form.

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