Report a Suspected Company Impersonation

Do you suspect that a company's identity is being used fraudulently?

If you believe that a company is being impersonated to commit fraud, please tell us about it below. We will write to the registered company, inform the police, and work with them to bring down the fraudulent websites and prevent others becoming a victim.

Please note, we will not respond to individual situations unless we need some further information from you. Provide details of what you've already established through internal investigation, any details about the suspects, a point of contact and explain the extent of the fraud and loss etc.

Report abusive use of email accounts

If you have been contacted by a scam from a public or free email account such as Yahoo, Hotmail, AIM, Gmail etc you can report it to the accounts provider to shut the account down. Forward the email to the appropriate contact below with subject "Abusive use of account" to gmail-abuse[a] (Gmail), report_spam[a] (Hotmail), report_spam[a] (MSN), abuse[a] (Yahoo).

What do I do now, will I get my money back?

If you are a victim of fraud, you should contact your local police station or law enforcement authorities as soon as possible. Although we appreciate being notified about fraudulent companies, we are unable to help you directly. Please visit our page on Advice for Victims for details of other organisations who may be able to help you.

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