The Companies Act 2006 - Secretaries Q&A

Q. Do I still need a secretary after April 2008?
A. From 6th April 2008 private companies will have the option whether or not they have a company secretary. If the company decide to no longer have a secretary after that date they will need to inform Companies House on the usual 288b form.

Q. Why is the Companies Act 1985 changing?
A. From 6th April 2008 the provision for enabling private companies to choose whether they wish to have a company secretary, will come into force.

Q. Can the company just have a sole director and no secretary?
A. Yes, as long as it is a private company and the director is a natural person.

Q. Must a secretary also be a natural person or can they be a corporate?
A. The new provisions relating to natural directors do not apply to secretaries. Secretaries can still be corporate.

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