The Companies Act 2006 - Northern Ireland Q&A

Q. When will the Northern Ireland Registry be integrated with Companies House?
A. 1st October 2009

Q. Can you clarify how companies will be incorporated in Northern Ireland?
A. The Act is UK wide and Northern Ireland companies will be incorporated as UK companies.

Q. Will NI forms be the same as UK?
A. Yes.

Q. When will Northern Ireland company information be available to search from Companies House?
A. 1st October 2009

Q. Will the office remain in Belfast?
A. Yes, the Northern Ireland Office will remain in Belfast at the current location.

Q. Will the Northern Ireland company information include access to historical documents or just those filed after 1st October 2009?
A. Historical Northern Ireland data, and documents from 2000, will be available immediately, however older documents will have a slightly longer delivery time as they will be scanned prior to delivery.

Q. How many companies are there in Northern Ireland?
A. There are approximately 38,000 companies registered in Northern Ireland.

Q. Will Northern Ireland company information be able to be filed online?
A. Yes, Northern Ireland companies will have access to the WebFiling service from 1st October 2009.

Q. Will Northern Ireland companies still retain the prefix NI in their company numbers?
A. 1st October 2009

Q. When the Northern Ireland Registry is integrated with Companies House what will be the effect on the registration of branches?
A. Under the 2006 Act overseas companies will be companies registered outside the UK, and if a NI company wants to open a branch in England, Wales or Scotland they do not have to register with the Registrar for that jurisdiction and vice versa. Existing companies will no longer be required to register.

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