The Companies Act 2006 - Forms Q&A

Q. Will there be changes to the current company forms?
A. There will be changes to all forms, if only to remove the number as this number e.g. 288, aligns to the relevant Section in the 1985 Companies Act. It is likely that the new forms will have a descriptor relating to their functionality; however they will still contain a reference to the Section of the 2006 Act

Q. When will form changes come into force?
A. Changes to company forms will be introduced on 1st October 2009

Q. Are specimen forms available yet?
A. Specimen forms are not yet available.

Q. Will new form types have the appropriate clause within the form?
A. The section number will appear on the form but not in the heading as currently.

Q. Will there be updated forms introduced following the 1st October 2007 members changes?
A. The only forms that will be affected by the October 2007 phase of the Act are the 128(1), 128(3), 128(4), 129(1), 129(2) and 129(3). However these forms will still be acceptable as the filing requirement has not changed. There may be some minor changes, for example the reference to the new legislation and these will be available on the website. The majority of our forms will not change until October 2009.

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