Registered Office Address

What is a Registered Office address?

Every company must have a Registered Office in the country of registration regardless of where the company conducts its business. It is the official address of a company and can be a business address, the address of an accountant or any other address. All official letters and notices must be receivable at this address, and statutory records and documents must be kept at the office and available for inspection.

How to change the Registered Office

To change the registered office address, the company must notify Companies House using the form AD01 and submitting it via the WebFiling service or by post. The new registered office will not take effect until it is entered into the Companies House database. To avoid delays please ensure you are using the correct address including full post code on all forms and documents sent for registration. Companies House uses the Post Office address database to verify addresses.

Need a Registered Office service?

The Registered Office address of a company, need not be the company's place of business, and is often the address of a company that provides company formation services such as Formacompany Ltd (our sister company) or that of a solicitor, accountant or even one of the directors' home address.

The price for registered office address is £104 +VAT per year and includes mail forwarding for official documents such as:

  • documents from a court (normally served on a company at its Registered Office)
  • official correspondence (usually sent to the Registered Office)
  • official letters from the Inland Revenue and the Registrar of Companies

Please contact us if you would like Formacompany Ltd to act as your registered office address.

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