How to Verify a Company

How do I know whether a company is good to do business with?

Obtaining a Full Financial Credit Report will provide you with detailed financial information, along with credit risk scores and a suggested maximum credit limit for the business. Our website lists over 3 million UK and Irish private and public limited companies, all of whom are registered with the official companies registry.

A listing on our database however, implies nothing about a business, it´s trading status or it´s ethics, the only way to verify if a company is good to do business with is to obtain a credit report and make a decision based on the facts and risk assessment we supply. If there is no Credit Report available then the company may not have filed accounts and as with all new companies caution should be exercised.

EU & UK Data Ltd is not a Government body. We offer an impartial Credit Report based on the company's financial figures and other criteria provided by official sources. EU & UK Data Ltd has no connection with the businesses listed. Credit Reports are based on a number of factors including filed accounts, duration of trading, any County Court judgments and about 100 other criteria. For details of how we calculate the Credit Reports, risk score and credit limit, visit Calculating the Credit Score.

Tips on verifying the legitimacy of a company listed on

We have been made aware of scams where fraudsters steal the identity of a registered company listed on They take payment for goods and never deliver the product. These fraudsters usually have no association with the registered company or Visit our How to Spot Fraud page for tips and advice.

To report a suspected fraud or if need further advice about scams and fraud, visit Company Identity Fraud Advice.

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