How to Remove a Search Engine Listing

Why does my information appear in search engine results?

Our database contains records for every UK limited company and director. These records are available on our website and result in millions of web pages. Each company and director has it's own web page detailing incorporation details, registered office address and various other pieces of public data extracted from the Registrar of Companies and other public resources. More on company data sources

Search engines such as Google and Yahoo crawl the world wide web and index the content of our website as well as every other website. When someone types a keyword or phrase into the search engine, it displays results deemed reliable and relevant to that keyword. Example:

  1. A web user types in the keywords "My Company Limited" 
  2. The search engine displays results relevant to the phrase "My Company Limited" 
  3. Results may include the website of that company, online telephone directories, credit reference agencies (such as and any other website where the phrase "My Company limited" appears

Can I remove my information from search engine results?

Yes. If you do not want to see your ukdata company page listed in search engine results please submit a request (at the top of this page), and we will prevent search search engines (including Google, Yahoo etc) from indexing that page the next time they crawl the ukdata site.

Be aware that other company credit reference agencies and directories hold the same company information and data will remain indexable on these websites until you contact each of them. Please note - Company and/or Director details cannot be removed from our database and will remain searchable directly from our website See our company listing policy for more information.

How long does it take to remove content from search engines?

The change will automatically show up in search results once the search engine re-indexes the site. Google as an example, will usually complete this process in 3-5 business days. EU & UK Data Ltd is not responsible for the length of time taken for search engines to update the search results.

Why is my home address listed on search engine results?

If your home address is listed on Google or another search engine, it is likely that this address is a limited company´s registered office address and has been provided to us by Companies house. Although we can prevent certain details from being listed in search engine results, the address will remain on public record and searchable directly on and also via other websites.

The only way to remove a home address from public view entirely is to change the company´s registered office address. If you are the owner of the company, you can do this by filing a form 287 at Companies House detailing the new registered office address. Only an officer of the company can change the address. If you are not the owner, see Removal of Company details

Are you a Director? Your home address cannot be changed. See Removing a Director address

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