About our director reports

Content of the director report

A summary of directorships of an individual. The Individual Director Report includes Personal Details - Name, date of birth, nationality and address, number of solvent, insolvent, dissolved and resigned directorships and details for each appointment, date and type of appointment, occupation, company number, status. See our full content list for more information.

How do I find out who the directors of a company are?

Use our search form to locate the subject company - click here to search for a company now
On the company details page you will find a list of company documents available to purchase.
Both the Annual Return and (if available) the Full Report contain details of all of the Company Directors.

What are director reports?

Individual Director Reports provide information on an individual´s business history, including personal and directorship details with current, previous and insolvent companies. ukdata.com director reports also summarise the credit rating of each associated company. More about our Director Reports

What is a Company Director? What do they do?

Every company must have at least one Director who manages company business on behalf of the shareholders and has a duty of care, skill and good faith.

Can anyone be a company Director ?

You cannot be a company Director if:

  • you are an undischarged bankrupt; or
  • you are disqualified from holding a directorship.
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