County Court Judgements

What CCJ information is included in the credit report?

For each County Court Judgment, the following is provided:

  • Total number of CCJ's
  • Exact match CCJ's (see below)
  • Possible match CCJ's (see below)
  • Total amount owed and a cumulative total over 3 month intervals
  • Date, amount, court, case number and reference number are given for the latest 10 judgments

The matching is done on name only and shows exact and possible matches. A judgment must be paid within a month of being issued. If the judgment is paid off within the month it is removed and will not be shown in the report. If the judgment is paid after one month then the details remain on the system but will show the judgment as satisfied. You can see examples of CCJ data in the Credit Reports on our samples page.

Exact Matches

There can only be one Limited Company in the UK with a specific Company Name. For example COMPANY NAM3 LTD. If a CCJ was registered at the Registry Trust against COMPANY NAM3 LTD then an Exact Match CCJ would appear on the report against that company.
Exact match CCJS have a significant impact on a Company's Rating & Limit.

Possible Matches

Since the Registry Trust matches CCJ's on name only this means that there are 'possible matches'. Using the example COMPANY NAM3 LTD, any other Companies that have COMPANY NAM3 LTD in their Company name will have the same CCJ against their Company but only as a Possible Match CCJ. So COMPANY NAM3 WITH THREE would have a Possible CCJ on their Report.
Possible match CCJ's have no impact on a Company's Rating & Limit, unlike an Exact match CCJ.

Where does CCJ information come from?

EU & UK Data Ltd extracts information from the Registry Trust via Creditsafe Business Solutions Limited about County Court Judgments or Scottish Decrees brought against companies. The Registry Trust operates the Registry of Judgments, Orders and Fines for England and Wales on behalf of the Department for Constitutional Affairs. For more information please see the Registry Trust website

What is a County Court Judgment or CCJ?

A CCJ is an order from a County Court that the company must pay an outstanding debt. Generally related to non payment of a loan, mortgage etc. If the debt is paid off, the CCJ will be satisfied and recorded. When settling debts, companies often overlook notifying the court so a judgment may appear unsettled when the debt has actually been paid.

Can I have an Exact Match removed from my report?

In some cases, there are options to remove a CCJ from the report:

  • Paying the CCJ in full within a month - this removes the CCJ from the register.
  • Paying the CCJ later - you will need a certificate of satisfaction, this will mark the CCJ as satisfied on the report (but stays on it). Anyone who reads the report will see that you have paid what you owe.
  • Judgment set aside - you can apply for the judgment to be set aside in some cases.
  • Wait six years - CCJ´s are removed after six years.
  • Amend details - if details are wrong, please contact the Trust Online.

Can I have a Possible match removed from my report?

Yes. If you believe that the CCJ is inaccurate, please contact us and we will investigate. On confirmation from the Registry Trust that the CCJ has been matched incorrectly, we will remove it from the report.

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