Can I choose what I receive alerts for?

What alerts will I receive?

Alerts are delivered by email. You decide what you want to be alerted for. Simply login (top right link of page) and go to your ´Companies´ area, where you can decide from the options below:

Credit Report Changes

This includes change in risk score and credit limit. Every time a document is filed, it is analysed and the report will be updated to reflect any affect those changes have had on the credit status of the business, as well as updating the content, for example the figures of a set of accounts or the changes to the directors and shareholder within an annual return

Accounts filings

This includes company accounts, interim accounts and other accounts related document filings.

Annual Return filings

This includes Annual Return, Shareholders and Director filings.


All information or filings related to mortgages, charges and CCJ´s.

Liquidation / Receivership

All notifications of liquidation and receivership filings

How often will I receive email alerts?

the amount of alerts you receive will depend on your alerts settings and the number of documents that a company files. If you would like to receive more or less alerts, simply edit your alert settings from within your Companies area.

Can I delete companies from my monitor list?

Yes, simply click the ´edit´ link next to the company and then select the ´remove´ button.

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