How do I obtain director information?

How do I found out who the directors of a company are?

Use our search form to locate the subject company - click here to search for a company now.
On the company details page you will find a list of company documents available to purchase. Both the Annual Return and (if available) the Full Report contain details of all of the Company Directors.
Once you know the name of the Director , you can carry out a search to see if the individual has any other directorships. Use the search form to locate the Director and purchase the Individual Director Report. This contains details of all companies an individual is a Director of. See our Sample Director Report for more information.

I know the director name, how do I find out which companies's he or she is director of?

Use our Director Search. You can search by name or postcode. Our director reports list all of the companies a director is and has been a director of, and provides detailed information about these companies, including credit status and financial figures.

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