How do I set up Company Monitor?

What is Company Monitor?

Company Monitor is a free service allowing you to monitor the credit status and filings of an unlimited number of UK limited companies. European company monitoring and web alerts also coming soon.

How do we get started?

It´s very simple:

  1. Find the subject company using the Company Search.
  2. Click ´Monitor this Company´ from either the search results page or company page.
  3. Enter a valid email address.

That´s it. We will send you a password by email, so that you can log back in later, edit your monitor alert settings, add or remove companies. You can add as many companies as you like free of charge.

What alerts will I receive?

You decide what you want to be alerted for. Simply login (top right link of page) and go to your ´My Monitors´ area, where you can select on or more of the options below. Visit Alert Options for more information.

  • Credit Report Changes
  • Document filings
  • Annual Return filings
  • Charges and County Court Judgments
  • Liquidation / Receivership

As soon as an event occurs within your chosen settings we will send you an alert you by email.

Can I monitor lots of companies?

No problem, you can either complete the monitor request form, download and complete the company monitoring spreadsheet or call the office and we can set up your monitors over the telephone.

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