Can I remove my company details from your website?

Useful Facts

  • Company and director information on originates from Companies House.
  • UK Data is not authorised to amend or remove company or director records.
  • Changes must be submitted to Companies House - we receive daily updates.
  • The Data Protection Act does NOT apply to limited company or director information.
  • No permissions are required in the submission of limited company and director details.

Can I have my details amended or removed from your database?

No - we are not authorised to amend any information unless it is inaccurate. Company and director names, addresses and birth dates are not generated by UK Data. This data is sourced from public record information held at Companies House and includes for every UK company director: his or her name and any former name; a service address (may be stated as "the company's registered office"); the country or state or part of the United Kingdom where he or she is usually resident; nationality, business occupation (if any), and date of birth.

Home addresses can be hidden by filing a Service Address

Companies House will now accept a service address for a director, filed in place of his/her residential address. The director must complete and submit Companies House Form CH01 (or CH03 for a Company Secretary). You can also use the CH web filing system which is fast and convenient.
Companies House public records go back around 20 years and generally it is almost impossible to have any record deleted. However, you can submit an "Application by an individual to restrict the disclosure of their residential address" if you or your family or risk. Visit Companies House guidance: Restricting disclosure of your address for more information.

Can't you just remove it from your website?

Our website carries details of all limited companies, without exception. We are under a duty to our clients to record faithfully on our databases, the information available from Companies House, which by law publishes all available information. While we understand some companies have reservations about being listed, we carry no information that is not available elsewhere in the public domain and therefore cannot remove or change data. Disclosure has always been accepted as the price one pays for the privilege of limited liability and removal from our database would in any event have little impact on the availability of the address in the market. Please see our Company Listing Policy.

Although we cannot remove any data, we are able to hide certain details from public view but ONLY if Companies House have agreed that you are at serious personal risk if data is public. We can prevent the details being shown whilst the necessary changes are made at Companies House. If you have received confirmation from Companies House, please complete the removal form and ensure you provide Companies House official correspondence detailing the same.

How do I inform you of inaccurate information?

If you have found information which you believe is inaccurate, please double check Companies House records by using their web check service before contacting us. If our website is displaying information which is out of date, we will happily investigate and promptly update it!

Can you prevent my details appearing in search engines?

We can hide certain information from public view, visit search engine removal for more information.

What if the company is dissolved and no longer exists?

Companies are officially identified by company number not by name. Historical records are still valid company records. When a company is dissolved, the name becomes available for use by a new business, however the existence of the old company must remain on record. A full company registration history is important and relevant to credit checking and all limited company registration procedures. Companies House is required by the Companies Act to keep records of information under any enactment and to make that information available for public inspection, even historic information. Records are stored for around 20 years or more. Whilst data remains at Companies House, it will remain on

How do I stop receiving post for a company which used to be based at my address?

We would suggest registering with the Mail Preference Service (MPS) which is a free service funded by the direct mail industry. The Telephone Preference Service (TPS) is a similar service available for telephone numbers.

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