Company Accounts, Annual Returns and other Documents

What are company documents and how do I order them?

The Companies Act requires every UK company to file certain documents at the Registry. These documents are scanned and converted to PDF for easy downloading. A full filing history is instantly available for every UK limited company. We also offer official documents for international companies. Documents are available in addition to the the Full Financial Credit Report.

Popular Companies House Documents

Content is dependant on the information submitted by the company. There are rules about the level of information that a company must file. Some popular documents are explained in more detail below:

Annual Return

All companies are required to complete and file this form annually. An annual return is a snapshot of general information about the company's directors, secretary (if appointed), registered office address, shareholders and share capital.

The Full Report includes current and previous directors and secretary. The auditors and the bank details are also provided if available.

Annual Return example.

Annual Accounts

Whether trading or not, all limited companies must file Accounts annually. The type of accounts filed depends on the size and type of business. Small, medium, audit-exempt and non trading companies can claim exemption from filing a full Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet, although some companies choose to file this information.


Small companies

Medium companies

Large companies

Dormant/Non trading

Balance sheet

Abbreviated balance sheet with notes. 

Full balance sheet.

Full balance sheet signed by a Director .

Limited details usually zero.

Profit and Loss

Not required.

Abbreviated profit and loss account.

Full profit and loss account.

Not required.


No. Not required.

No. Not required.

Yes. Required

No. Not required.

Auditor report

Special auditor report (if required).

Special auditor report.

Auditor report signed by an auditor.

Special auditor report (if required).

Director report



Yes. Signed by an officer of the company.


Notes to the accounts



Yes. Plus group accounts if appropriate.



Example Abbreviated Accounts


Example Large Accounts

Example Dormant Accounts


Director Appointments, Terminations and Changes of personal details

This form is completed and filed in order to appoint a director. Director Appointment
This form is completed and filed in order to terminate the appointment of a director. Director Termination
This form is completed and filed in order to change the details of a director, can include occupation, nationality, address. Change of Directors or Particulars

Striking Off application

This form is completed and filed in order for a company to apply to be struck off of the register. Striking off application

Mortgage or Charge

This form is completed and filed in order to provide details of a mortgage of charge.
Details of mortgages, charges and debentures as filed on form 395 against the company's record. The Full Report includes a summary of Mortgages, Charges and Satisfactions including total outstanding and total satisfied.

Change of Company Name

This form is completed and filed in order to change the name of a company.
Details of the previous and new company name. All previous company names are kept on the company's historical record. Company name change

Change of registered office address

This form is completed and filed in order to change the registered office address of a company.

Change of ARD

This form is completed and filed in order to change the accounting reference date of a company.
The Accounting Reference Date or ARD is the annual anniversary upon which a company's financial year ends. Accounts must be filed by this date, and the company can apply for a change in ARD, this document outlines details of the change.

Allotment of shares

This form is completed and filed in order to allot the shares of company.
Lists the names and addresses of the allottees and the number of shares allotted to each. The Full Report includes allotted shares.

Insolvency Proceedings

Notices include forms related to insolvency, including details of administrators or receivers being appointed, applications to strike a company off and voluntary winding-up. The Full Report includes details of insolvency proceedings as well as CCJ information which cannot be found in the Filing History.

New Incorporation Documents

New Incorporation Documents are filed when a company is incorporated. They include:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Statement of Directors and Registered Office
  • Declaration of Compliance
  • Memorandum of Association - For use when incorporating a limited company in England, Wales or Scotland. The memorandum of association is a written document which includes company name, registered office, what the company will do (it's objects), where applicable that the liability of its members is limited, where applicable the amount of share capital and details of those divisions, and in the case of a PLC, the fact that it is to be a public limited company.
  • Articles of Association - For use when incorporating a limited company in England, Wales or Scotland. The articles of association sets out the rules for running and regulation of the company's internal affairs. These are signed by each subscriber in front of a witness.
  • First Directors Board Minute - Pre-formatted board minute for the first board meeting, following incorporation of a company in England, Wales or Scotland
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