Listing Policy

Company and director records are sourced from the UK registrar of Companies - Companies House. UK DATA cannot amend or remove any listing. All changes must be submitted to Companies House using the appropriate forms. Adjustments will be filtered through to our website automatically

Why does UK Data hold company data?

EU & UK Data Ltd is a credit reference agency. Our website carries the statutory details of over 10 million European companies and over 7 million directors. When a limited company is formed it has a legal obligation to share the details of all principles of that business, including financial information and director details.
These details are made available to the public and can be found via the Registrar of Companies, in certain cases the Registry Trust and from various other company data websites. Disclosure has always been accepted as the price one pays for the privilege of limited liability and removal from our database would in any event have little impact on the availability of the information in the market.

Removing Information

While we understand some companies have reservations about being listed, we carry no information that is not publicly available elsewhere in the public domain and therefore we cannot remove or change data on our website unless it is inaccurate. If you have found information which is inaccurate, please let us know.
All of the information provided on Shareholders and Officers (including Director and Company secretary) is public access information. Director's can file a service address to prevent their home address being disclosed to the public. The director must submit form CH01 (secretary form CH03). For more information on the removal of company and/or director details, please visit Removing Information.
Data Protection

Limited company data is not subject to the Data Protection Act although we are registered under The Data Protection Act - No. Z2617738. There are no Data Protection issues involved in the submission of company data. If we were to supply consumer data, i.e. a personal credit check, then there are specific criteria’s which have to be met with regards to Data Protection. Before any consumer checks are carried out, the individual who is going to be checked has to sign a data disclosure form.

Companies Act

Limited companies are subject to the Companies Act 2006 and company accounts must be made available to the public.

Data Protection License

Although company data is not subject to the Data Protection Act, we are registered under No. Z2617738.

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